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New Year's Day, 2016: NEW ALBUM! Finally, I released a new collection of songs, titled "Kraftfahrstrasse", with nine tracks, including the known "Midnight Cafe" which was done by Marten Revenge and me together. Follow the URL to soundcloud, listen, enjoy and spread the word.

trandafirul negru
December 2013: The Music section has been updated and renovated. Tracks will open in mini-wins now. Enjoy!

April 2013: The entire DJ Pizdets website has been updated and re-designed. Some categories have been added. Explore, discover and enjoy!

May 2012: The image on the left is pretty popular in the www. Yes, it was done - photographed and artworked - by me. If you see it somewhere else be sure: it is an copyright infringement. I took it a time ago to illustrate "Flacara Part 9 - Trandafirul Negru".

February 2011: I made another remix, this time for Ira Atari: Find the DJ Pizdets Remix of "I don't wanna miss you" here and enjoy.

July 2010: I am helping my friend Gudmund Asgairsson with the recording and arrangement of his newest work.
October 2009: In the end of September, I have been in Bucuresti / Bucharest, Romania, to visit friends and the city itself. The days there were really very warm and all sunny. I added a smaller gallery with photos taken during this visit. Enjoy.

October 2009: DJ Pizdets dot com back again! If you are a webmaster of a .com-domain website, try to avoid a domain host change if you can. It is difficult and it is a lot of work to be done. I needed to search a new domain host, after the previous one closed, and after different emails, faxes (!), finding out my Auth-ID, I had to re-upload all my stuff.

August 2009: I uploaded another video: the clip to KIV Part 8 - La Havuz. This time, the filming work was done by my friend Cristina on a hot summer day. Special thanks and kindest regards to her!

May 2009: Ladies and Gentlemen! Herewith I proudly present my newest release, titled "The Quest". It got ten parts and a Bonus track: the Dance Mix of Part Nine. Listen to two tracks or fill the contact form for the entire album download link.
the quest
September 2008: After recording some new music, I finally made a new video. I spent last Saturday in a disco, filming the mirrorball and other equipment, and edited the material a few days later, and... now here it is: The Quest Part 9.

April 2008: I attended the Berlin concert of Jean Michel Jarre in the Friedrichstadtpalast. I sat in the first row and enjoyed the entire "Oxygene" work, played on the original analogue instruments. Words cannot say how great it was. After the concert, there were standing ovations, and during that, he was shaking my hand! Yes!

June 2007: I have been busy. I have been hired as DJ pretty frequently lately, and I downloaded and installed some cool new VSTi. Beside that, I uploaded some new wallpapers. Enjoy!

March 2007: Ladies and Gentlemen, the work is done: after my first Demo-Release "KIV" in 2006, now the difficult second album has been released! Its title is "Flacara" and contains the Parts 1 to 10. Listen to two tracks or fill the contact form for the entire album download link.
February 2007: Some of my previously unreleased songs are going to be used by the famous American adult star Adriana Sage for upcoming video productions. These videos will be released later this year, she said, after listening to "Chula Vista Girl (Adriana's Theme)". You can listen to this track, too. Just click here. And click on the photo to enlarge.
adriana sage